Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Day Spent Thrifting

Wow. I got some great deals at Value Village today, including a sad, sorry little excuse for a nightstand (so sad, in fact that I got it for less than $2.) It will be perfect to remake into a child's kitchen set! I got a LOT of stuff for very little and I'm OK with that. So why did I keep hearing the Sanford and Son theme song in my head all the way home?

St. Vincent de Paul

One thing to love about St. Vincent de Paul is the prices! Wow. Where else can you get a paperback book for a quarter anymore? A quarter! Hardbacks are $1. That's it. No complicated pricing scale based on the initial price, or whether it is a children's book. The prices on clothes are sweet too. This is a great place to go for furniture, especially the Forest Park location if you are looking for variety (and loads of books). The other two locations have a better selection of knick-knacks and decorative items. Some hardcore thrifters don't want me sharing this kind of information because they think you'll go and take all the "good stuff". Go on, there's plenty for everyone! We can't all be there on the same day, looking for the same stuff. Happy thrifting, I say!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Better After is my new favorite blog.  It is so inspiring to see what other people do with thrifted furniture!  Here is a story about a horrible looking nightstand turned into a play kitchen.  It may be the cutest thing I've ever seen.  It could only be cuter if there was a tiny pie in the picture.   But then I might die of cuteness.  Made by Lauren from Long Winded Lauren.  Click on pictures to go to Better After feature.

Here are some of the people Lauren was inspired by.  I've arranged for them to open as tabs for easy viewing.

Value Village 1/2 Price Sale Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the last Wednesday of the month and that means 50% off everything at Value Village! (except new furniture.)  They are open from 8am to 10pm at all four locations.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Chick

Look past all the flowers, buttons, scrunchies and even the raffia that is obstructing the face (I know it's hard) and focus on the message here. It says, in faded "lollipop" letters, "This chick is going to Wal Mart!!" Is that supposed to convey a "Born to Shop" tone and are we supposed to believe that "this chick" is going to indulge herself in some way by going to Wal Mart?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beyond Redemption

I like "upcycling" wooden cut-outs but due to the unfortunate placement of this crow's, er...uh...feet, I'm afraid the poor fellow is beyond redemption.


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