Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Suitcase Friday!

What can you do with plastic bags?  One idea is to fuse them into a stronger plastic.  Cut off the handles and the seam at the bottom of a bag, flatten it out, fold it up to 8-ply, sandwich it between pieces of paper (they use wax paper in this video, I used parchment paper) and iron it with a medium-heat iron for about 20-30 seconds, moving the iron continuously.  The new thicker plastic can then be sewn up as you like to make something new.  In this video, they show you how to make a laptop case.  To skip the goofy parts and get to the project, start at minute 1:00.

I tried this for the first time today and haven't made anything with my fused pieces yet but will post when I do. I would love to see comments if you have tried this or links to your finished projects!

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  1. That video was really something. So glad you shared it. Thank you for hosting!


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