Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Einstein on a Bike

My favorite thrift store find right now is a poster of Einstein riding a bike.  I found it rolled up on a shelf at Goodwill without a price on it.  Instant love.  They marked it at $2 and I brought it home where it sat for months.  The other day as I was putting together the boy's room (reclaiming it from the toy storage area it had become) it occurred to me that this would be the right place for it, especially since the boy just learned how to ride his bike:

I love how whimsical the idea of Einstein riding a bike seems but I suspect there was nothing whimsical about it.  Regarding the theory of relativity he is reported to have said, "I thought of that while riding my bicycle."

Next I want to paint the room something a little bolder.  Everything else you see here is originally from Ikea.  The "nightstand" is actually one of the TRONES shoe storage cabinets.
It's perfect for holding a few bedside items in a small space.  The duvet and pillowcase were purchased new for $10!  Alas, there is no Ikea here in St. Louis.  We used to live near an Ikea and I trolled craigslist for the abundance of Ikea goods.  That's how I found the bed.  If you don't live in an Ikea town but are making a pilgrimage to one, it's definitely worth your while to check the craigslist there.

Go ride your bike.  That's where the magic happens.  

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