Thursday, June 3, 2010

How it Comes Together

Does furniture speak to me?  Or would you just call it inspiration?  Sometimes I just know what to do with a piece (though usually not instantly).  Here's an example of how it goes down.  On Tuesday I went to the thrift store and saw this table:

I loved the lines but I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to really sit with the possibilities.  I left and drove maybe 5 miles before I thought YELLOW.  Now, I'm not a yellow person.  I don't even own any yellow.  But it was definitely this yellow that popped in my head:

I had a mission.  I turned right around and headed back to the store.  Whew!  It was still there!  As I was on my way to the cash register I saw this vintage fabric that had not been out 10 minutes before:


Hmm...looks like I may have a Mod Podge project on my hands.  The table and the fabric together set me back about $10.

Oh, and I was in such a rush to buy the table once it "spoke" that I didn't even see that it was missing a drawer.

No matter!  I think I may know just what to do.  

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  1. Remember tonight is Ladies Night at Bethesda Thrift
    Shop, Ballwin. Hope to see you there.


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