Friday, June 18, 2010


Several months ago, my sister sent me a link to a post by Homebody Holly about a book we had read as children.  It's about a kitten named Peppermint who was born in a candy store.

Peppermint is a "soiled white kitten" who falls into a tub of bluing right before the cat show.

It turns out to be just what Peppermint needed to win first prize.

A good friend of mine was so touched when she saw this because it had been her favorite book as a child.  Right then I knew I wanted to make something Peppermint-y for her, but what?  The idea was in the back of my mind for a while (a necklace? a keychain?) and then I saw this poor wooden cat at the thrift store.  It was so ugly I was tempted to just pass it by:


After removing the "accessories" I painted the cat white and chose two scrapbooking papers to create Peppermint.

  I love the candy look of this one.

The other side:

Oh no!  Peppermint fell into a tub of bluing!

(Apparently I took this picture before I painted the thing!)

After painting, I Mod Podged the papers on and gave it to my Peppermint-loving friend for her birthday.

Note: I don't think people use bluing much anymore, but it is a laundry product used to make dingy or yellowed whites look white again.  According to Mrs. Stewart's Bluing: "Not only does it whiten whites, it also brightens colors and does so without harsh chemicals, prolonging the life of any garment. People are seeking environmentally safe products and they know that MSB is non-toxic and biodegradable."  In the Other Uses section, it is suggested that you can use bluing (diluted) to whiten the hair of a pet.


  1. & what a beautiful cat she turned out to be! thanks! :)

  2. My pleasure, so glad you like her!

  3. Oh my goodness. It was one of my favorite books too! I had totally forgotten about it until this post. Dang I wish I new where my book was. Thaks for the memories!

  4. I love it! Never read that book before, but now I want to!

  5. Christa, I am so sorry that I just now got over here...your email got lost in my inbox. Thank you so much for linking to me!
    Your little kitty turned out so cute, and I love the paper you used, especially the colorful echoes the jar of candy on the cover.

  6. Loved this story. We have used bluing on our chickens to whiten their feathers for the fair.

  7. This was one of my favorite books and I read it to my children when they were young!


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