Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mauve to Mahvelous, Part 2: Chunky Hearts!

Welcome to day two of Theme Week: Totally 80s!
Today's victim:

Chunk heart city

My son loves that the middle of the hearts makes a star.

My first thought was to paint it...black.  Which I did.  Then I was going to Mod Podge some crazy colorful scrapbooking papers to the hearts.  I have a lot of scrapbooking paper for just such a task.  But you know what I really wanted?  A bright yellow with a cloverleaf pattern.  I did not have that.  But I did have...

 some radiator grill with a cloverleaf pattern 

and crayons.

I ended up using crayon rubbings of items around my house.  Talk about budget-friendly!

After I did the rubbings, I cut out heart shapes and Mod Podged them on.  Here is the result, which I am quite pleased with!

The drama of black and color!


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  1. Wow it came out GREAT!!! I love your chunky hearts and all of their color!

    Come say hi sometime!

  2. That is so fun. I do crayon rubbing at school with the kids but never thought of doing it at home!

  3. Thanks everyone! I actually do a lot of crayon rubbings at home, they are just not part of the finished result. As in this case, it's really the easiest way to get the pattern of a shape you want to cover with paper but have no way of tracing.


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