Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Suitcase Friday

When I was waiting to pick up a $3 desk from the back of a thrift store on Wednesday, I saw this:

Hear me in my best Haley Joel Osment confidential whisper.  No, I don't see dead people...

...I see potential.  (Which is, admittedly, both a blessing and a curse.  If my "rescued" pieces were felines, I'd be the crazy cat lady by now.  I need to start my own business.)
I wonder what was wrong with these suitcases that they couldn't even be sold in a thrift store.  Were the latches broken?  Make it into a pet bed!

Natural Home has a tutorial here.

There are so many ways to redo a vintage suitcase that I have chosen one to be the poster child for repurposed items in general.

Look, it's smiling at you.  Winking, even!

What could you do to make something old new again?  I would love to see your trash to treasure creations!  Come back next Friday to link up to my very own party: Vintage Suitcase Friday!


  1. Love those suitcases! Lovin' the blog :)

  2. OMGosh you totally found those! I can not believe I have never thought to cruse by the back side of my thrift stores. I'm sure there are tons of treasures to be found there. Do they care if you do that?

  3. I'm sure there are tons of treasures back there! I don't know if they care if you take the "trash" or not. It may depend on the store. In this case, I took the picture from up on the loading dock so it's kind of hard to tell, but those suitcases were probably 7-8 feet up from the ground, unreachable.


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