Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Executive Dumbells

I love to find things in their original boxes.  I found this at St. Vincent de Paul in Ballwin.  I think I've been going there too much since it opened.  Instead of asking for my zip code before he rings me up, the manager says, "Um, what was your zip code again?"  (It's not like I go there everyday.  But still.)

I always buy something awesome there (at an awesome price).  And then some things I am just content to take pictures of, like today's feature:
"Executive Dumbells"!  
(Uh, I thought there were two b's in that word.) 

Behind every "dumbell" is a good woman who is pleased to see her man staying "toned and trim".

From back in the day when working out meant donning a heather gray sweatsuit.

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