Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sharing Shop

I'm so excited today to give you some information about The Sharing Shop!  Read my interview with Founder and Director Jennifer Little, then go become a fan on facebook and spread the word.  (While you're there, become a fan of Thrifty Tickle as well!)

What is the Sharing Shop?
The Sharing Shop is a non-profit resale shop that benefits children in foster care and state adoptive children as well as the foster and kinship families that care for them. We sell publicly donated new or used items at extremely reasonable prices.

What about your location and hours?
The Sharing Shop is located at 140 Four Seasons Center, Chesterfield, MO 63017 (SW corner of Olive and 141). We are open Monday through Thursday 10-6, Friday and Saturday 10-8 and Sunday from 12-4.
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Tell us why you started the shop and about your passion for helping foster children.
I started The Sharing Shop because I saw a need to provide nice clothing, shoes and accessories for children in foster care at low prices or free. Being a foster parent for the last 5 years, I've had 39 children. Thirty-nine children that walked into my home with only the clothes on their back and sometimes those clothes and shoes had to go right into the trash because of their condition. When the child arrived at about 6pm, I had to run out to WalMart, Goodwill or somewhere else to at least get clothing and necessary items for the next few days. The state provides limited funds for clothing and although it helps, it's nice to be able to buy the children a variety of outfits instead of just 5 or so. We also have helped foster and biological families to get needed beds and furniture to prepare for the arrival of a child.
We just want to help and since I'm awful at asking for monetary donations I thought a resale shop where the public supports through donations of goods and also shopping would be a great way to be self supportive! We need you to shop and support The Sharing Shop with donations so we can continue our work.

I have been struck by the politeness and eagerness of your young helpers. Are they employees or volunteers?
The Sharing Shop has 2 full time and 2 part time employees and about 5 volunteers at any given time. We can always use volunteers! If you have a few hours a week to work with us, we need you! No amount of time is too small, we just need to see you each week or every other week!

How does The Sharing Shop support foster children?
There are two major ways we support foster children. First, children with their foster parents or caseworker initially shop at The Sharing Shop at no cost to the child, family or state and foster and state-adopted families receive a continual discount for future Sharing Shop purchases. The second way we support foster children is by funding The Sharing Wishes program. This program provides financial support to pay for extracurricular activities such as Christmas and Birthday presents, mini foster family vacations, camps, lessons, equipment rental or purchase, participation and uniform fees, graduation packages for high school seniors, and much more.

Your prices are very reasonable but you also offer some promotions such as a customer appreciation card. What's going on right now?
We are currently having a progressive sale on clothing and shoes. Purchase $15 of clothing and/or shoes and save 10%, $25 or more save 20%, $35 or more save 30% or purchase $50 or more in clothing and/or shoes and save 40% on your clothing/shoe purchase.
As you mentioned, we do have a customer appreciation card which you can pick up at the register. For every $10 you spend we will punch your card. After you collect 10 punches you will get 10% off your next purchase.

You are doing a great service with this shop! How can we support you?
  • Donate your items.
  • Shop with us.
  • Become a regular volunteer.
  • We need a sorting/storage warehouse. If you know of a location we can get either very cheap or even donated please contact me:
  • Join us on facebook and tell your friends!


  1. What a nice article you have written. I love your idea pages. It was very nice to meet you Wednesday at Bethesda Thrift Shop in Ballwin. Hope you will visit us again.

  2. Thanks Marla! Let's talk about doing a similar feature for the lovely Bethesda Thrift Shop!

  3. Thank you! Call the shop and we will set up a time with Barb and Irene.

  4. The Sharing Shop is no longer open. It was a wonderful resource while it lasted.


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