Saturday, May 29, 2010

St. Vincent de Paul

This evening I went to St. Vincent de Paul in Ballwin, which you may recall is one of my favorites.  I got a bike which needs a little beautification for $13.50 and some other things I couldn't pass up, like a little pitcher for ten cents.  At first I thought I might paint it but looking at it in my home, I think it will just rock the blue and green.

Did you know that St. Vincent de Paul has a frequent shopper card?  I wish I had known it before!  When you spend $10 or more they will punch your card.  After 10 punches you get a $10 discount on your purchase of $10 or more.
St. Vincent de Paul is opening a new thrift store in Dellwood (about 5 miles northeast of UMSL) within the next month according to their website.  The address is 10052 West Florissant Ave, 63136.  I have updated the map:

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  1. wow, the st vincent de paul in my area doesn't have a card, and their prices go up and up all the time. They have lost business over it. It has been years since I saw anything for less than a dollar, let alone something for 10 cents. And the thing that REALLY bugs me is that they often have unpriced items, and they leave it up to the ladies running the register to just pull a price out of the air. One day I found a bathrobe and took it up front, figured it would be the same as the PJ's, somewhere around $4 to $6. The woman looked it over and actually said "I really like this, so I am going to charge you $10" I replied "I really like this too, but not for $10" I mean, come on, I can go to walmart and get a bathrobe brand new for not much more. The store used to do great, and I guess they figured they could do better by upping the prices, now everyone goes to goodwill. I liked to shop at St vincents, because the money goes to the church and helping people and all, but I think they just got too greedy.

  2. I used to live right across the street from that one (behind what used to be El Maguey), but that was before that St V de P opened. However, I just visited that store the other day while visiting my friend in Ellisville. It's one of her favorites too. We also like Bethesda just on the other side of Manchester.
    There's a St V de P on this side of the river, but the prices are higher, and I hardly ever go there.


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