Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sometimes when I am in thrift stores, I see something and it will actually prompt me to say, "What...?!" out loud (and I am not usually a person who talks to herself.)  Here is a prime example from Value Village on the big sale day last week.
"What...?!  And there are 3 of them?"

Then I rounded the corner...
So weird.  What are they?

Then a couple of endcaps later...


  1. Hello I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I came across this post and giggled. I'm currently living in Japan and it hasn't occurred to me that these dolls would be such an odd thing to see in a thrift store in the states...

    They are Daruma Dolls. HIGHLY commercialized dolls that are meant to bring good luck! They are given as gifts or bought for personal use, but the recipient will fill in one of the eyes to symbolize a goal or milestone they want to accomplish. The doll is then set off to the side as a reminder to work towards the goal. When the goal is reached, the other eye is filled in! Typically they are bought at temples (and then a ceremonial burning ceremony is held at the end of the year for all the dolls that are finished) - but you can find these EVERYWHERE! Including 100 yen stores (dollar stores!).

  2. Wow, thanks for the info (and the LOVE!) Could we safely say that these fell into the hands of an under-achiever (or at least someone who isn't very goal-oriented?) hee hee!


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